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   Sheepskin Sports Accessories

Sheepskin Questions?

U.S. Sheepskin offers our customers sports accessories for golfing enthusiast's and cushy bike seats for exercise bikes and bicycles. If you don't see what you're looking for here, our design team invites you to DESIGN YOUR OWN.

#0232 Universal Bike Seat

Universal Bike Seat
A necessity for the serious rider and the weekend peddler.
Durable sheepskin adds wonderful cushion to otherwise stiff bicycle seats.
Colors: tan, silver, charcoal, blue

#0632 Exercise Bike Seat Cover

Exercise Bike Seat Cover
Make riding your exercise bike a comfortable experience. A sheepskin exercise bike seat cover acts like a shock absorber relieving tension and discomfort from riding on a hard seat.
Colors: tan, silver, charcoal

#3624G Golf Cart Seat Cover

Golf Cart Seat Cover
The benefits of sheepskin seat covers finds an obvious place on the golf course. When the weather is hot, there is no better way to keep from getting burned on a scorching seat. Each sheepskin seat cover is tailor-made for your golf cart seat and is easy to install. Available in 12 colors. Color swatch.

#9335 Golf Bag Strap

Golf Bag Strap
Made from plush Australian sheepskin, this strap cover is a must for carrying your golf clubs on the course. The strap cover is 18 inches long and available in 12 colors. Color swatch.