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Sheepskin Long Wool Colors:

Long Wool Sheepskin Colors

Sheepskin Short Wool Colors:

Short Wool Sheepskin

Sheepskin Single and Multi Pelt Rugs

U.S. Sheepskin carries a wide variety of plush 100% merino sheepskin pelts. Can be sewn together to form a variety of beautiful shapes such as doubles, quads, octos or any number of sizes and shapes.
#9684 – Single Pelt Shag Rug
#9685 – 2-Pelt Shag Rug
#9686 – 4-Pelt Shag Rug
#9687 – 6-Pelt Shag Rug
#9689 – 8-Pelt Shag Rug
#9690 – 10-Pelt Shag Rug
Order a Custom Multi-Pelt Shag Rug, Ovals, Round, Straight Edge, Wavy
Note: Multi-pelt rugs made by U.S. Sheepskin for special orders, may be subject to a restocking fee if returned.

Round Sheepskin Rug

Round Sheepskin Multi-Pelt Rug in Taupe – Double Sheepskin Rug in Ivory on Rocking Chair


Single Pelt Sheepskin Rugs Make Great Chair Cushions