Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?2017-08-03T21:17:21-07:00

Simply call us and provide us with your company and contact information along with a business license that indicates that you are in the business of selling sheepskin products. Click here for more on ordering.

How do I find out what the status on my order is?2017-08-03T21:18:08-07:00

Contact us by phone, email or fax and we will provide that information to you. Click here for more on ordering.

How long will it take to receive my order?2017-08-03T21:18:37-07:00

If you are ordering ready-made items that are in stock, they will ship the same day as ordered, providing your order is received by 2pm PST. Click here for more on ordering.

How is my product shipped and can I get a tracking number?2017-08-03T21:19:20-07:00

We prefer to use Fedex but we will use other shipping companies as per your request. Tracking numbers are provided upon request. Click here to learn more.

How do I return or exchange an item?2017-08-03T21:20:08-07:00

Contact us by phone, email or fax and we will provide you with a Return Authorization number which should be written on the outside of the box near the address label. Click here to learn more.

How do I become a dealer?2017-06-26T18:04:47-07:00
Do you offer a ‘Drop Ship’ program?2017-06-26T18:04:04-07:00

Yes, our comprehensive drop ship program has been in place for over 5 years and has proven to be very successful.

How do I submit new product ideas?2017-08-03T21:22:32-07:00
Where are the closest retail outlets to me?2017-08-03T21:23:12-07:00
What method of payment do you accept?2017-06-26T18:02:08-07:00

We accept Credit Cards ( Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover), Check and Cash.

What countries do you ship to?2017-06-26T17:59:49-07:00

We ship products worldwide.

Why sheepskin seat covers?2017-08-03T21:24:14-07:00

Sheepskin seat covers provide unequaled comfort year around and protect your seat from damage which will help increase your vehicles resale value. Learn more.

Are sheepskin seat covers more beneficial in the summer?2017-08-03T21:25:17-07:00

Sheepskin seat covers are far more popular in places were it is hot because it protects you from your hot seat. It could be 100 degrees outside, with a convertible top down in direct sun and you could get into your vehicle with a t-shirt and shorts on, without any concern of being scorched by your seat. Try that with out a sheepskin seat cover on! Learn more.

Are your seat covers made from Australian Merino sheepskin?2017-06-26T17:58:13-07:00

Yes, all of our seat covers are made using the best Australian Merino sheepskin.

Why should I cover my leather seats?2017-06-26T17:57:38-07:00

Leather seats do not protect you from either hot or cold weather and are expensive to replace if they wear out or are damaged. Sheepskin provides a wonderful cushion on air between you and your leather seat and at the same time your leather seats are protected from scratching, stains and sun fade.

How do I clean my sheepskin seat covers?2017-08-03T21:26:16-07:00

Basic maintenance of sheepskin requires that you brush the wool up with a pet brush and vacuum off the pelt. This will enhance the life of the seat cover. In the event that something is spilt on the seat cover you should contact you local dry cleaner that specializes in leather to have them cleaned. Click here for more information on caring for sheepskin.

How long should sheepskin seat covers last?2017-06-26T17:56:45-07:00

A typical sheepskin seat cover should last about 5 years. However, it is common to talk with customers who have had the same seat covers for over 15 years.

Will the color fade in the sun?2017-06-26T17:56:13-07:00

Like any other natural product, if it is exposed to prolonged sunlight, some fading or color change can occur.

Can I put seat covers on my seat if I have side impact air bags?2017-06-26T17:55:26-07:00

Yes, if the correct alteration has been made to the seat cover. Our alteration is simple and allows the air bag to deploy without any obstruction.

Do you cut out for dials or special seat belt attachments?2017-06-26T17:54:58-07:00

Yes, we offer provisions for these items upon request.

Can you make the sheepskin go all the way down the back of a tailor-made seat cover?2017-06-26T17:54:25-07:00

We can make a tailor-made with a full back. However it is not recommended, because the sheepskin does not stretch enough to pull around the seat. We have designed our tailor-made seat covers to cover as much of the seat as possible and still have a tight fit.

What is your warranty on seat covers?2017-08-03T21:27:22-07:00
Are your sheepskin seat covers lined?2017-06-26T17:53:29-07:00

All of our sheepskin seat covers are lined with an iron on backing to protect your leather seat from any damage.

Are your seat covers dyed?2017-06-26T17:52:58-07:00

Yes, all the colors we offer are dyed to provided uniformity of color through out the pelt.

Can you make seat covers for my …..?2017-06-26T17:51:55-07:00

We carry thousands of vehicle patterns and add to them every year as new vehicles come out. It is rare that we are stumped by a car seat. However, if you own a rare vehicle where only a few were made then we may ask for your help in creating an accurate pattern.

How are your seat covers tanned?2017-06-26T17:51:28-07:00

We use the state-of-the-art tanning processes Chrome Tanning for nearly all of our automotive accessories.

How do I install my seat covers?2017-08-03T21:28:29-07:00
Why sheepskin slippers?2017-06-26T17:43:48-07:00

Sheepskin is a natural fiber that provide a wonderful cushion of air around your feet for comfort year around. The leather is soft and conforms to your feet in a very short time, which enhances the comfort.

Do they run big or small?2017-06-26T17:43:23-07:00

Our slippers run very close to your shoe size.

Do you carry wide / narrow?2017-06-26T17:42:55-07:00

We make slippers in wide / narrow. We would need for you to trace your feet on a piece of paper. This will help us make the sole specifically to your foot for the best fit.

Are they too warm?2017-06-26T17:42:27-07:00

Sheepskin is a natural fiber and unlike cotton or polyester, it generates very little heat when a person is walking with them on. In addition, it has a wonderful absorbing ability to wick the perspiration from your skin and evaporate it through the leather.

Do they come in ½ sizes?2017-06-26T17:41:58-07:00

Our slippers are available in whole sizes. If you wear a 1/2 size, we recommend moving up to the next whole size.

How do you recommend cleaning your slippers?2017-06-26T17:41:30-07:00

We recommend using a good grade of suede cleaner to remove marks on the leather. Our slippers are tanned to allow hand washing. It is not recommended to wash our slippers in a washing machine.

Why sheepskin gloves & mittens?2017-06-26T17:40:57-07:00

Soft supple leather and insulating wool is one of the best combinations for cold weather gloves.

Do they run big or small?2017-06-26T17:40:28-07:00

Much time and effort has been put into making our gloves and mittens fit the widest variety of hands. Click here to determine the best size for you.

What sizes are they available in?2017-11-06T22:32:16-08:00

Most adult models are available in 6 sizes ( XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL).

Glove Sizing

6 1/2 – 7″
7 – 7 3/4″
8 – 8 3/4″
9″ – 9 3/4″
10″ +
Finger Length
2 1/2 – 3″
3 – 3 1/2″
3 1/2 – 3 3/4″
3 3/4 – 4
4″ +

Determine Your Glove Size

  1. Measure the circumference of your hand around the knuckles – do not include your thumb.
  2. Measure the length of your middle finger.
How do you recommend cleaning your Gloves & Mittens?2017-06-26T17:38:54-07:00

We recommend using a good grade of suede cleaner to remove marks on the leather. Our gloves and mittens are tanned to allow hand washing. It is not recommended to wash our gloves and mittens in a washing machine.

Why sheepskin hats?2017-06-26T17:38:11-07:00

Many of our sheepskin hats are fashionable year round. Sheepskin is also a natural insulator that holds your own body temperature. This makes wearing sheepskin hats suitable for most of the seasons of the year.

Do they run big or small?2017-06-26T17:37:35-07:00

Much time and effort has been put into making our hats fit the widest variety of people. Click here to determine the best size for you.

How do you recommend cleaning you hats?2017-06-26T17:36:22-07:00

We recommend using a good grade of suede cleaner to remove marks on the leather. Our hats are tanned to allow hand washing. It is not recommended to wash our hats in a washing machine.

What do you do with sheepskin rugs?2017-06-26T17:35:25-07:00

Sheepskin rugs have several applications. Here are a couple – Base of the bed, under coffee table, on chairs and sofas, on the wall, in front of the fire place.

How do you recommend cleaning your rugs?2017-08-03T21:32:01-07:00

To properly maintain your pelt you should occasionally brush it with a pet brush and vacuum it off. In the event that your rug is stain, we would recommend that you take it to a dry cleaner specializing in leather from proper cleaning. Our rug can be carefully washed in a washing machine, in cold water on a delicate cycle using a mild detergent designed for sheepskin. Click here to find our detergent.

What sizes do you offer?2017-06-26T16:42:35-07:00

We supply several sizes including single pelts, 2-pelts, 4-pelts, 6-pelts, 8-pelts, 10-pelts and 12 pelts. Custom designs are also possible. Click here to view the rugs we offer or here to design your own rug.